Chicago selects The Boring Company to build ‘Loop’ transit system

Chicago selects The Boring Company to build ‘Loop’ transit system

The Boring Company promoted by Elon Musk has received an order to setup transport system in Chicago. In a recent announcement, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has revealed that Elon Musk-owned startup The Boring Company has officially won a bid to build and operate a ‘Loop’ transit system in the city.

The ‘Loop’ is one of The Boring Company’s new high-speed transit system ideas. In Chicago, the ‘Loop’ transit system will be built by the company between the O’Hare airport and downtown, in an evident effort to resolve the problem of long commuting time between the two places.

The bidding process for the high-speed transit system was started by the city of Chicago in 2017. Some reports in March 2018 had disclosed that one of the two finalists in the bidding process for the transit system was The Boring Company.

The companies that submitted the bids for the transit system were required to reduce the one-hour travel time between the O’Hare airport and downtown to barely 20 minutes. The project submitted by The Boring Company reduced the travel time to approximately “12 minutes.” The project would involve the use of electric vehicles traveling at a speed of more than 100 mph in new twin underground tunnels which the company plans to construct.

About The Boring Company’s transit system, the city of Chicago said in press release: “Each vehicle will carry up to 16 passengers, plus their luggage, and will depart from O’Hare and from Block 37 as frequently as every 30 seconds.”