Mazda plans to deploy electrification technology in all its vehicles by 2030

Mazda plans to deploy electrification technology in all its vehicles by 2030

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Japanese automaker Mazda Motor Corporation has disclosed that it is planning to revamp its product line-up, in order to ensure that all electrification technology is deployed in all its vehicles by 2030.

The announcement made by Mazda is noteworthy because the Hiroshima-based automaker is one of the laggards in the auto industry, so far as electrification efforts are concerned. The announcement implies that Mazda is now making efforts to catch up with its competitors by revamping its product line-up.

In announcing its plans to introduce electrification for all its vehicles over the next decade or so, Mazda said that 95% of the vehicles produced by the company by 2030 will be equipped with an electric motor alongside an internal-combustion engine, while the remaining 5% of its vehicles will be fully battery-powered cars.

Meanwhile, in a separate disclosure made to reporters by Kiyoshi Fujiwara -- the Executive Vice-President of Mazda -- said that the first electric vehicle will be introduced by the automaker in 2020, instead of 2019 as previously planned. Fujiwara said: “Delaying to 2020 is the optimal solution.”

Fujiwara also accepted the fact that Mazda is “a bit behind” its rivals in terms of electrification, and said: “It took some time to put in the latest battery technology and we revised the layout to allow us to use the technology across multiple electric vehicles.”