PSA to launch EV sharing service in Paris to replace Autolib programme

PSA to launch EV sharing service in Paris to replace Autolib programme

In a recent announcement, PSA has revealed that it is launching an electric vehicle (EV) sharing service, to replace the Autolib EV sharing programme, in France’s capital city Paris.

The EV sharing service will be launched by PSA in Paris under the Free2Move subsidiary brand. The service will comprise 550 units of Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero electric cars, which will be available for short-term rentals. The service will be launched on December 3, 2018.

The announcement of the launch of an EV sharing service by PSA in Paris has come within nearly two months of an early October announcement by Renault and ADA about the launch of their own electric car sharing service in the city.

The EV sharing service being launched by PSA will be operated by the Free2Move subsidiary company in a free-floating concept. The service will be managed and coordinated with the help of a smartphone app. Although the area of operation of the EV sharing service is not clearly known as of now, it is being reported that the service will likely be expanded to include major cities neighbouring Paris.

To avail the service, customers can select from two tariff options --- a ‘32 cents per minute’ option along with a base fee of €9.90 per month, or a ‘39 cents per minute’ option without the base fee. The tariffs will cover the fees for insurance and parking.