Report: Toyota is considering the production of Lexus cars in China

Report: Toyota is considering the production of Lexus cars in China

According to a recent Reuters report, Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation is mulling the production of its premium Lexus cars in China, in an apparent attempt to make Lexus a distinguished brand in the country. The report is based on the information disclosed to Reuters by four unidentified insiders at Toyota, the biggest automaker in the world.

The under-consideration move to produce Lexus cars in China marks a major shift for Toyota, especially since the automaker has long been opposing the production of the premium cars in the country due to ‘quality’ and ‘profitability’ concerns.

As per the report, Toyota has been researching the possibility of producing its Lexus cars in China for the past two years. Presently, the Lexus models available for purchase in China are imported Japan-manufactured vehicles.

Toyota’s reported move to consider local production of Lexus cars in China is apparently prompted by an in improvement in China-Japan relations, along with new Chinese investment regulations which may give foreign automakers the ability to fully own or majority-control their operations in the country.

Toyota already has Chinese joint-venture partners, like Guangzhou Automobile Group Co and FAW Group, to produce some of the Toyota-brand vehicles -- including the Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Levin and Crown -- in China. The total number of Toyota vehicles, including imported Lexus cars, sold in China in 2017 was 1.29 million.