Tesla CEO Elon Musk hints at Gigafactory Shanghai groundbreaking “soon”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hints at Gigafactory Shanghai groundbreaking “soon”

In a recent Twitter post, US electric vehicle maker Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has hinted at the groundbreaking of the automaker’s Gigafactory 3 in China “soon.” The tweet marks a reiteration of Tesla’s earlier claims that it has put in place an accelerated plan for the construction of Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai.

The Gigafactory 3 electric-vehicle manufacturing facility, for which Tesla signed a deal with the Shanghai government in 2018, will be Tesla’s wholly owned factory in China. For the factory, Tesla had secured 210 acres of land in Shanghai in October 2018.

The recent Twitter post by Musk came in response to a last-weekend tweet by a Chinese Tesla owner, who drew attention to the fact that some owners of Tesla vehicles in China had recently volunteered to help the company’s retail employees in ‘educating’ new customers during the ‘incredibly intense’ delivery week.

Responding to the tweet by the Chinese Tesla owner, Musk said that he is looking forward to “visiting soon for the groundbreaking of Gigafactory Shanghai.”

However, Musk has not specified any timeframe with regard to how “soon” the Gigafactory groundbreaking is expected. Still, going by the projections, it will happen fairly soon, especially since Tesla has been indicating that it plans to produce “some parts of Model 3” at Gigafactory 3 by the end of 2019.