Tesla’s latest Model 3 ‘Mid-Range’ version receives official EPA rating

Tesla’s latest Model 3 ‘Mid-Range’ version receives official EPA rating

The October-launched Tesla Model 3 version with a ‘Mid-Range’ battery pack has recently received its official rating from the EPA. However, the results for the Model 3 Mid-Range version are somewhat surprising, especially when compared to the other Model 3 versions.

The $46,000-priced Model 3 Mid-range version was launched by Tesla in October, in an effort to offer a less expensive Model 3 option to customers awaiting the vehicle’s base version. While launching the Mid-Range version of the Model 3, Tesla had said that the vehicle is outfitted with the same battery pack as the Long Range version of the vehicle, though with fewer cells. The new Mid-Range battery pack reportedly has a capacity of 62 kWh.

Going by the EPA’s recently-released official rating for the Model 3 Mid-Range version, the vehicle has received a lower MPGe than its Long-Range RWD counterparts. As such, the Model 3 version which is best comparable with the Mid-Range version is the one equipped with Long Range battery pack and RWD drivetrain.

In specific terms, the EPA has given the Model 3 Mid-Range version an official rating of 123 MPGe, 128 for city driving and 117 for highway driving. The vehicle has an EPA estimated driving range of 260 miles.

In comparison, the Long Range version with a bigger battery pack has got a combined city and highway driving rating of 130 MPGe from the EPA.