Two ex-Tesla employees launch used electric car retailer in Illinois

Two ex-Tesla employees launch used electric car retailer in Illinois

A Daily Herald report has revealed that two former Tesla employees -- Seneca Giese and Trip Jacobs -- have launched a used electric car retailer under brand name Current Automotive, in the US.

The used-car retail dealer Current Automotive has recently been established by Giese and Jacobs in Naperville, Illinois. It is the first exclusive used-car retailer to be launched in the US. The company exclusively focuses on encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by “selling used electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.”

With used EV sales to be the ‘specialty’ of Current Automotive, the Daily Herald has reported that the retailer’s inventory of used EVs includes pre-owned electric as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles manufactured by at least 15 different automakers. As per the report, the red Tesla Roadster convertible displayed inside the dealership is “a showpiece and a symbol.”

About the motive behind launching Current Automotive, Giese said that the used EV retailer is focused on educating car buyers on how EVs are different from traditional gas-powered vehicles in terms of “driving, powering and maintenance.” The retailer also highlights the main EV advantages, like fewer emissions, efficiency, high mileage, and reduced dependence on gasoline.

According to Giese, the main objective behind the launch of Current Automotive is to “represent the plug-in vehicles as they hit the secondary market.”