VW and Engenie plan to deploy EV charging stations in UK in coming years

VW and Engenie plan to deploy EV charging stations in UK in coming years

According to reports, two new initiatives will be launched in the UK in the coming years, for expanding the electric vehicle (EV) charging network in the country.

The two new initiatives marking the forthcoming expansion of EV charging station in the UK will respectively be undertaken by bigwig German automaker Volkswagen (VW) and charging infrastructure operator Engenie.

Under the initiatives, Volkswagen will deploy over 2,400 EV charging stations at various locations of the supermarket chain Tesco, whereas Engenie will deploy 400 fast charging stations in cooperation with British pub operators Marston’s Inns and Taverns.

Volkswagen and Tesco will work in collaboration with charging infrastructure provider Pod Point, for the installation of more than 2,400 EV charging stations across 600 Tesco stores in the next three years. These charging stations will include free-to-use 7 kW chargers, along with 50 kW fast chargers, for which charging fees will have to be paid by customers.

Meanwhile, Engenie will work with Marston’s Inns and Taverns to install 400 fast charging stations with 50 kW capacity at Marston’s pubs. Initially, charging station deployment will be focused at 18 locations, where two Engenie fast chargers will be installed at each loaction by early 2019. Overall, a total of 1,600 EV charging locations have been shortlisted by Marston’s across the UK.