Zero Motorcycles introduces its first electric quad called ‘e-Qooder’

Zero Motorcycles introduces its first electric quad called ‘e-Qooder’

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles recently marked its foray into a new territory, with the unveiling of its first electric four-wheeler --- the ‘e-Qooder.’

The electric quad e-Qooder is a tilting four-wheeler which has been built by Zero Motorcycles in collaboration with Swiss manufacturer Quadro Vehicles.

For the e-Qooder electric quad, Zero Motorcycles’ electric drive has been incorporated into the conventionally-powered Qooder model, which is already being produced by Quadro Vehicles for the European market.

According to the information shared by Zero Motorcycles, the e-Qooder electric four-wheeler will become available in the market by late 2019.

Although the technical details of the e-Qooder have still not been officially disclosed, it is being projected that the electric quad will boast a hydraulic tilting system. The system will apparently give the vehicle the tilting ability of up to 45 degrees, with all the four wheels retaining contact with the ground.

The e-Qooder will be the first ever four-wheel vehicle to be offered by Zero Motorcycles. Till now, the company has chiefly been manufacturing electrical components for motorbikes for more than a decade. In addition, it has also launched some electric motorcycles, including city bikes, off-road bikes, as well as a few premium models.